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Reading Suggestions



Ha-Joon Chang

Economics: A User's Guide


"I like this because it has a basic introduction to economics as a field in itself, and it also seems to have fairly represented many different schools of thought. It’s an amazing read for someone who’s a complete newbie to the field, but it’s also got value for the people who do have exposure to the field."

Kate Raworth, 2017

Doughnut Economics

"Engaging book with a totally new perspective on economics and with creative ideas incorporating markets, common goods, households and states to make them integral part of a socio-economic system. Challenges the idea of the need for constant economic (GDP) growth as an aim."

Various authors, 2018

Rethinking Economics

The official textbook of Rethinking Economics presenting a wide range of economic ideas, schools of thought, methods and diciplines from behavioural to Marxist.

Tomas Sedlacek, 2011

Economics of good and evil: the quest for economic meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street.


"In this book, the author, Tomas Sedlacek - listed in the top 5 Hot Minds in Economics by Yale University in 2011- tries to uncover  economic thinking in the greatest myths and narratives of our culture from the Epic of Gilgamesh to modern films. Actually, these representations shape the economic activity of the public more than economic principles, functions and equations for utility maximisation or expenditure-minimisation."

Thomas Piketty, 2014

Capital in the 21st Century


"I think this is an important read, even though it isn’t strictly about pluralist thinking, it’s quite a groundbreaking book in terms of refuting several principles of neoclassical thought and shows how capitalism propagates inequality."

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